Re-Targeting & Re-Marketing – Powerful Tools To Increase Conversion Rates

If you have read the full information on how to re-target website visitors you know how powerful this can be for your business to increase the conversion rate of your websites visitors to paying customers.

We offer re-targeting and re-marketing through:

  • Push notifications to their computer – with follow up sequenced messages to continue to target them if they have, or have not, clicked on a previous message.
  • Facebook – push notifications (with follow up sequences), Facebook videos and Facebook advertisements
  • Google – Google Adwords or PPC, display advertising and YouTube advertising

As well as well planed and implemented sequential messaging to funnel customers through to a purchase – we offer instant messaging which is hugely powerful at promoting offers and discounts.

We offer a one time set-up fee followed by low cost monthly subscriptions to send as many messages and notifications as you like.

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