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Google Expert – Website Structure

Finding a Google expert for all of Google’s services, apps and software would be impossible. However, if you are looking for an expert on how to get your website on the first page of Google– then we have the expertise you are after.

Our Google expertise is well recognised in the’ Search Engine Optimisation’ industry as is enjoyed by multi-national companies, medium size organisations and local business owners alike.

The secret to getting your website ranking on Google is towork with Google, not try and cheat them. If an“SEO Expert” tries to tell you that they have the ‘silver bullet’ to get your website on the first page of the rankings – they are 1 Google update away from getting your website de-listed (banned) by Google, and Google launches about 8 updates a year.

We know what works – it can be a fairly quick process, but normally it will take a few weeks / a couple of months to get good rankings.  The benefit of this process is that the positive results you will receive can be enjoyed for many months. Our SEO services are based on experience and proven results.

To get your website ranking well you have to structure your website, add content and images in a way that Google will view your website as a genuine resource that will assist Google users.

Your website should be structured in such a way that Google can easily read and link the pages that have similar content. Linking pages, through your navigation menu or links on the page, should only link to the content that is relevant to the page you are linking from. For example, if you are an insurance broker selling car insurance, home insurance and holiday insurance it might make sense to you to link the car insurance page to the home insurance page to cross-sell products. To Google this complicates what your content is about and in Google’s eyes both the car insurance and the home insurance pages are a little less relevant to the Google user, and a little less likely to be shown.

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Google Expert – Website Content

There are over 200 factors that Google’s algorithm uses to determine where your website should rank. The number 1 factor is what content you have on your website.

Each page (each product, page,post) should have:

  1. 800 words of copy
  2. Your main keyword mentioned between 1%-2% in the copy
  3. As many alternative keywords as possible
  4. Reads well with correct grammar
  5. An image
  6. A video
  7. A link to an authority site

Your website, page, post or product should not link out to any other website or you will be passing the good work built in to your website on to other websites.


Google Expert – YouTube & Video Marketing

Video marketing and adding videos about your business, services and products is the quickest way to get your business on the 1st page of Google. 10 years ago businesses were telling me that their business didn’t need a website, now it seems strange if a business does not have a website. In 10 years from now it will be just as strange for a business not to have a ‘YouTube Channel’ with 100’s of videos.

You have an opportunity to get your business ahead of the competition, by creating and working towards a video marketing strategy starting today.

Video is also important to your website. Other factors in the Google algorithm are the time people spend on your website and the engagement with the page. Adding a video to each webpage will keep people on your page longer and drive up engagement as they take time to watch the video.

Google Expert – Google Images

According to a recent BBC article the ‘Google Images’ search engine gets over 10 BILLION searches A DAY. Google knows how powerful images are and often places them in the search results, as well as within the Google Images search engine.

How you name and add details to each image is therefore important if you want to get some of this traffic to your businesses website.

As well as adding an image to each page of your website, if it is relevant to your business, add a gallery page to show even more images.  This page can promote products, services, past work, awards, team members etc…the list goes on.

Google Expert In Bristol

If you are looking for a Google Expert in Bristol then contact us. We offer a FREE consultation to investigate if we can help your business. We only accept 1 client in each industry, so we do not have any conflict of interest. The vast majority of our clients come to us through recommendation or ‘word of mouth’ and so our reputation is very important to us. If we believe we can genuinely help your business to achieve your goals, we can generate a fantastic ‘return on investment’ for you and that you will remain a satisfied customer of our we will consider taking you on as a client.

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