What is SEO?

What is SEO and How To Do SEO in 2015

Many business owners will here hear the phrase ‘search engine optimisation’ (or SEO) from friends in the business community or even competitors and may consider it as a route to increasing sales, but what is SEO? Alternatively, a business owner may have tried ‘SEO services’ in the past and found it either didn’t work as well as expected or was working, but no longer as effective – SEO Company Bristol explains what SEO is, and why ‘new’ SEO is working better than ever.

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Google Analytics Spam Data – How To Remove The Bots

Google analytics is a very powerful tool for understanding who is visiting your website, how they find your website and how they interact with your website. This information can be used to further enhance your website, grow traffic and most importantly increase your conversions and revenues. However, Google analytics has a flaw – it allows access to it’s platform from different routes and these routes are exploited by websites and companies to spam your analytics. This article explains how to filter the ‘spam data’ (often and correctly called ‘referrer spam’) so you only see genuine human (customers and potential customers) interactions.

Why Are My Analytics Being Spammed?

Spam Websites in Google Analytics

The first thing you must understand is that these companies are not targeting you or your website. It may feel as though you are personally being singled out, but these spam websites are going after EVERY website that utilises the Google analytics tool (which is probably 95% of all websites on the internet).

These websites are not actually ‘visiting’ your website, they are simply using code and crawling servers to make it appear as though they have visited your website.

Why do they do this? For one reason only – so that you see their website address in your analytics and visit their website.

Once there you might buy their services – which are normally a similar service of getting your website address in to other websites analytics.

Lets do some math. According to a report in late in 2014, there were over 1 BILLION domain names registered around the world. It was suggested that only 25% of these were active websites. If 95% of these have Google analytics and are being spammed that is a lot of people tempted to look at the website of the ‘spammers’. If 0.1% of those buy a service, it is a profitable enterprise

  • Registered Domains: 1,000,000,000
  • Active Websites: 250,000,000
  • Google Analytics (circa): 237,500,000
  • Might Visit The Spam Website: 23,750,000
  • If 0.1% bought a service: 23,750 customers

So, in adding their website to analytics and if only 10% of people were interested enough to visit their website that equates to over 23 Million visitors to a website. If only 0.1% of the 10% bought the service that is nearly 24,000 customers…

…and then they do it all again with a new website in your analytics.

Why Doesn’t Google Stop Spam Data In The Analytics?

A few years ago Google opened up the Analytics software to Developers. This was for everyone’s benefit so they can add their stats to reports or other services that utilise the powerful information that a websites analytics holds. This loophole allowed the spam websites a back door to analytics.

Google states that it doesn’t use your websites analytics as a measure of where your webpage or website should rank. They claim to separate  the ‘search’ division of Google, from the ‘anti-spam’ and ‘analytics’ divisions. Therefore, it doesn’t effect any of the ‘divisions’ within Google. If the ‘anti-spam’ team do not use ‘analytics’ by choice or by policy, they cannot stop these spammers.

In my opinion, it is very likely that Google do not use analytics as a ranking factor. This would leave them open to to questions by competitors or other providers of analytics – as a website with analytics from Google would have an unfair advantage in rankings.

Is Referrer Spam Effecting My Website SEO?

So Google state that the referrer spam is not effecting your rankings, but is it effecting your websites search engine optimisation or SEO? The answer is Yes and No:

Does Referrer spam effect SEO – No

As stated before, the referrer spam website is not actually visiting your website, it simply adds data to your analytics. When you get hit by a referrer spam website your ‘visitors’, ‘bounce rate’ and ‘time on site’ will go through the roof which gives the impression that your website is really popular in terms of visitors, but really unpopular in terms of interaction with your website. As these refer websites are not actually visiting your website they are not effecting what Google sees as interaction with your website. Also, once again, Google state they do not use analytics to rank your website.

Does Referrer spam effect SEO – Yes

Google analytics is a very powerful tool for a business owner or an SEO agency, You can track how people find your website (search terms, keywords and queries), how they interact with your website (what pages they first land on, how long they spend on your webpage / website, which page they leave your website from) and how many convert to paying customer or subscribers (goals).

If you know this data you can use it to drive more customers to search terms and pages that work well, and make changes to pages that are not performing as well. Growing your customer numbers, conversions and revenue.

That is why it is important to have clear, clean Google analytics.

How To Filter Referrer Spam From Google Analytics

This video shows you step-by-step how to filter out the ‘referrer spam’ or ‘ghost referrer spam’ data from your analytics:

In the video you will see that we have taken a “belt and braces” approach to filtering out the referrer spam.

Firstly, we have requested that Google analytics remove all data from known spam websites.

Secondly, we have added filters of about 30 known referrer spam websites so they are directly ‘blocked’

We will add more spam websites to these filters as we discover them (or they discover us) – sign up for our newsletters to be kept up to date on these filters, as well as other  information to help your website rankings and business revenues.

Filter codes:

Google Analytics Spam Filter #1


Google Analytics Spam Filter #2


Google Analytics Spam Filter #3


Award Winning SEO Agency Bristol: Article Marketing And You, What You May Not Know!

Creating unique, interesting and eye-catching content is the cornerstone of search engine optimisation for a website. EVERY Google hint, tip or advice states that ‘unique content’ is the best ,and fastest way to rank a website. So, we are delighted to announce that SEO Agency, SEO Company Bristol, has been awarded the “Expert Author” award by prestigious online article directory ‘eZine‘.

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Do you want to learn more about article marketing without having to wade through a lot of useless material? Keep reading this article if this sounds like you. You will find crucial tips and techniques in a user-friendly format.
Use specific, concrete words in your title. Your article’s title should concisely describe what the reader can expect to learn from the article. An example of a bad title might be “Working at home,” while a much better title for the same article might be “How to Make Money in Your Spare Time Writing Article Marketing Tips on Amazon Mechanical Turk.”
Work on your writing. Consider your writing ability to be a skill that you can improve upon. The more you work on honing your article writing, the happier your readers will be with the results. Practice writing about things you will not be publishing to keep up with your new talents.
Write from your stream of consciousness. Writing down your thoughts on the topic as they come to mind is the best way to make a smooth and flowing article. At this stage, do not take the time to proofread or edit, as you will only distract yourself from what it is you are trying to say.
Make sure that your articles contain the information your reader is looking for. The simple act of repeating keywords with loads of filler, without including any real content that the reader wants, is going to put you on the fast track to nowhere. Your article needs to be something that people will want to read.
To start article marketing, write an original article for your website, making sure it is optimized for your primary keywords and 400-500 words in length. You will want this to be a high quality, well written article as it will be the foundation for more articles to follow. Submit the article to all the major RSS feeds. Once the article is published on your website, ping your website’s RSS feed.
It is of the utmost importance to create keywords relevant to the topic of your article if you want your article to be viewed by a lot of people. If you do not put in these relevant keywords, your article is not going to get many views, meaning you did all that hard work for nothing!
To be successful at article marketing you have to make writing a priority. One technique that works well is to set aside a block of time daily just for writing. To be effective you must close your door, turn off your cellphone, and avoid interruptions for the duration of your writing time. Your productivity will skyrocket if you fully commit in this way.
Make sure that your article fits with the title you have provided for the piece. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than when they are searching for information and they wind up on a page that has nothing to do with what they need. Keep everything relevant, and you will keep your customers happy.
Take advantage of the thousands and thousands of online blogs, e-zines, internet video sites, and lifestyle sites that rely on users to generate and submit content. You can submit an informative and intriguing article which can drive traffic to your site by reaching a diverse range of people and potential new markets.
Have a team of editors to review articles before they are produced can provide valuable insight that could not have come from a solitary person. A team can enable many different advantages to article marketing. Articles can be produced faster and have a great variety of content for the readers.
Marketing through articles is a great way for a business to promote what they offer to the public. It is relatively simple and quite cost effective to write content about what you offer. Use the information you’ve learned from this article to boost your business.