Reach Local UK Goes In To Administration

It is heavily rumoured in the search engine optimisation world that UK, PPC and digital marketing agency “Reach Local” will today announce that they are going in to administration. UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST

Reach Local UK USA Administration

Reach Local UK Administration?

What does this mean for Reach Local Customers?

If you are a Reach Local customer, you will appreciate that having a professional digital agency working on your website improves the websites visibility, increases website traffic from potential customers and grows company revenues. If the rumours are true and Reach Local goes in to administration – what are your option.

One option is to stop all PPC and digital marketing work on your website – although you will quickly lose the benefits that previous work has delivered.

Another option is to find a professional PPC and internet marketing agency to continue the work.

At SEO Company Bristol our motto is “not just SEO, not just in Bristol” which encapsulates that we work with businesses, of every size, all over the UK and USA. As well as digital marketing services you have enjoyed from Reach Local – we go a little further for our clients by including website content, video creation, video distribution, social media content, social media distribution, press release creation, press release distribution as well as link building services – all in the price of our standard SEO services. Every customer gets a hand-written (not system generated) report on the work we have carried out on their behalf, and the improvements in rankings and website traffic. This report is designed to be easy read and understand.

If you are a Reach Local pay-per-click, PPC, Google Adwords customer we can also offer you these services as well, with all the same features offered by Reach Local – fully managed service, automated bidding to get the most clicks for your budget. Find out more about our Google Adwords service.

If you are a Reach Local customer, not only will you (in our opinion) receive a better service from our SEO Services, but at a much lower cost compared to the Reach Local SEO service starting at £650 ($1040) as advertised on their website. Our local SEO services start at £399 ($637) a month through to national SEO Services from £899 ($1,439) a month.

We deliver exceptional results that deliver a great ROI.

For more information on our SEO Agency in the UK telephone 0117 325 1099 or visit our website at



Unfortunately the rumours were true – this message is on the Reach Local website:

James Cook and Mark Skelton of Duff & Phelps Ltd. were appointed as Joint Administrators to Reachlocal UK Limited on 16 December 2015.

The business will trade as usual under the administrator’s supervision whilst a buyer for the business and assets of the company is sought.

The company will continue to provide all services during this period.
Should you have any queries in relation to the provision of ongoing services, please email in the first instance.

Should you have any queries in relation to the Administration process, please email Duff & Phelps on

If you are a Reach Local sales team member or experienced PPC sales person this post will be of interest to you Reach Local Sales

Trip Advisor Expert

Trip Advisor Expert Best Tips

Trip Advisor is an essential marketing tool if you are a restaurant, hotel or attraction. It is the first ‘port of call’ for any potential customer. Making the most of Trip Advisor can make or break a business.

For more information on how we use Trip Advisor as part of our SEO services and digital marketing service for restaurants, hotels and attractions call us our Trip Advisor expert on 0117 325 1099.

Trip Advisor Expert UK

One review we did for a restaurant in Bristol gets over 4,000 views a month. These are people searching for your business and looking for information. If only half of the people searching go on and book a table that could be 2000 searches x 2 people on a table = 4,000 covers a month or 0ver 100 covers a day. That is the power of Trip Advisor for a business.

Fоr mаnу in the travel аnd tourism іnduѕtrу, Trір Advіѕоr іѕ crucial. Aѕ always whеn I travel trip аdvіѕоr іѕ mу guidance. Thаt іѕ what trip аdvіѕоr іѕ fоr. Folk аrе jumріng оn thе bаndwаgоn аѕ far аѕ Trip Advіѕоr is concerned. Trір аdvіѕоr іѕ mу mаіn ѕоurсе of rеѕеаrсh information when planning a trір. Trip Advіѕоr tірѕ are holiday tіmе and lіfе ѕаvеrѕ. A review we did for a hotel in Spain has had over 1,700 people read the review in the first 3 months. Again, these are people searching for information about that particular hotel. If half read the review and booked a room that would be 850 rooms x 3 nights x £80 a night = £204,000. Still think that Trip Advisor can’t be a tool for your business?

Trip Advisor is dеѕіgnеd fоr guests tо rероrt their еxреrіеnсеѕ оnсе thеу have ѕtауеd аt a рrореrtу. Aѕ I’m sure you саn іmаgіnе, hearing about guests іѕѕuеѕ durіng a ѕtау via Trір Advisor іѕ nеvеr preferable аѕ we cannot dо аnуthіng tо mаkе аnуthіng bеttеr. But responsing to a trip advisor review shows, even with a simple apology, shows that you care about your customers. Good or bad – trір аdvіѕоr rеvіеwѕ wіll bе uѕеful fоr you and your business.

Trip Advisor Hotel Best Practice:

We asked one of our SEO customers, who have excellent feedback on Trip Advisor, their best practice and tips.

“First place on trip аdvіѕоr іѕ well deserved. One of thе reasons wе are a tор tier hоtеl оn trір аdvіѕоr іѕ bесаuѕе we rеѕроnd рrоmрtlу аnd аррrорrіаtеlу tо guеѕt іѕѕuеѕ. When dealing with the general public you cannot please everyone, all the time and less than perfect feedback is not possible. How you react to negative feedback is the measure of yoru customer service. Even a simple comment acknowledging a review shows you are on the ball. Something like “We аrе so glаd thаt уоu hаvе tаkеn the tіmе tо share уоur thoughts, аѕ Trір Advіѕоr іѕ thе mоѕt truѕtеd rеvіеw ѕіtе, and can ѕtrоnglу іnfluеnсе our future guеѕtѕ. Each and еvеrу rеvіеw оn Trір Advіѕоr іѕ reviewed by оur mаnаgеmеnt аt our hotel ѕо thаt everyone іѕ in tunе wіth the еxресtаtіоnѕ of оur guеѕtѕ.”

Trip Advisor Tips

The first tip is to create or claim your listing. Unless you are a brand new business, someone will have created a listing for you. Claim it! Trip Advisor Business Listing

The second tip is to make the Trip Advisor listing as attractive as you would your website. Add a header to the listing that is consistent to your branding. Ensure the Trip Advisor listing cannot be mistaken for anyone else.

Tip three is to add images and photographs to your listing. Let visitors experience the establishment visually. If you are a restaurant add photographs of the food, of you are a hotel add images of the bedrooms, pool, gym and bar. Let the website visitor familiarise themselves with the surroundings

Tip four is top advertise your listing within the premises. Trip Advisor supply door decals and stickers to go behind reception. They can issue certificates stating your review status. Order them and display them – customers who review in Trip Advisor will be prompted to do so.

The last tip is one of the most important – never be tempted to buy Trip Advisor reviews. This is a clear breach of their terms and conditions and will get your business de-listed.

For more information on how we use Trip Advisor as part of our SEO services and digital marketing service for restaurants, hotels and attractions call us today on 0117 325 1099.

Google search engine optimisation and their eighty / twenty rule by SEO London

Search engine optimisation or optimization (with a ‘z’ or is that ‘zee’ if your from across ‘the pond’) or SEO as it is often abbreviated, techniques are constantly evolving. This evolution is in response to the evolution of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google in particular has come to be seen as the most sophisticated and advanced search engine as it is armed with an array of anti-spam technology. Google has over 85% of all internet searches through their website, as is the one search engine your website must rank well in.

At SEO Company Bristol we offer SEO services in London and the rest of the UK. To find out more about or SEO London services please visit

SEO London

Google’s increasing use of anti-spam features has meant that optimising websites for Google has become much harder and it’s now not just a case of opening your websites source files in notepad, adding some keywords into your various HTML tags, uploading your files and waiting for the results. In fact in our opinion and I’m sure others will agree with us, this type of optimisation, commonly referred to as on-page optimisation will only ever be twenty percent effective at achieving rankings for any keywords which are even mildly competitive. Those of us who aced maths in school will know this leaves us with eighty percent unaccounted for.

This eight percent corresponds to off-page optimisation. Off-page optimisation is all to do with the amount of links pointing to your site and its pages, the actual linking text (anchor text) of these links and the quality of the pages which the links are on. Off-page optimisation is now for sure the overwhelmingly dominating factor which decides where a site will rank in Google. That then is what we mean by the eighty / twenty rule, I’m not talking about the “pareto rule” which means that in anything a few percentage points are vital and many are trivial, that does not apply to SEO, as all elements are vital.

What is the logic behind this then, why does Google give so much ‘weight’ to off-page optimisation efforts and so little to on-page optimisation. Well simply put it is all about the quality of their results. Whereas on-page optimisation is completely controlled by the webmaster and can thus be abused by an unscrupulous one, off-page optimisation is something that is not controlled by anyone as such by rather by other webmasters, websites and indeed the Internet in general. This means that it is much harder to conduct any underhanded or spammy off-page optimisation methods in the hope of gaining an unfair advantage for a website in the Google SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages), this does not mean it is impossible though.

Let’s elaborate for a paragraph or two just why off-page elements such as incoming links are deemed by Google to be such a good measure of relevancy, thus making off-page optimisation the most effective method of optimisation by far. Take the anchor text of incoming links for instance, if Google sees a link from WEBSITE A to WEBSITE B with the actual linking text being the words ‘SEO London’, then WEBSITE B has just become more relavent and thus more likely to appear higher in the rankings when someone searches for ‘SEO London’. WEBSITE B has no control over WEBSITE A (in most cases) and Google knows this. Google can then look at the link text and say to itself, why would WEBSITE A link to WEBSITE B with the specific words ‘SEO London’ if WEBSITE B wasn’t ‘about’ ‘London SEO’, there is no answer so Google must deem WEBSITE B to be ‘about’ ‘SEO London’.

We state ‘in most cases’ above because often webmasters have multiple sites and would crosslink them with keyword rich anchor text, but there is only so many sites and crosslinks any webmaster can manage, again Google knows this and so as the number of backlinks and occurrences of keyword rich anchor text grows (and with that grows the unlikelihood of anything unnatural like cross-linking going on) so to does the relevancy of the site which all the backlinks point to. Imagine hundreds or thousands of sites all linking to a site X with variations of ‘SEO London’ type phrases as the linking text, well then Google can be pretty damn sure that site X is ‘about’ ‘London SEO’ and feel confident about returning it in the top 10 results, which are the 1st page results and where you want your website to be shown.. This is why they place so much importance on off-page ranking factors such as links; they are simply the most reliable way of checking what a site is about and indeed how well it covers what it is about. This reliance on hard to cheat off-page factors is what produces the quality search results we all know, love and use everyday.

The moral of the story from an SEO point of view then is to spend less time on those little website tweaks which you think might make a big difference (but won’t) and work hard on what really counts, what really counts is how the web ‘sees’ your website, the more quality (keyword rich) incoming links your website has the better the webs ‘view’ will be and therefore the better Google’s view of your website will be. What Google thinks of your website is very important, as they ‘look after’ and rank higher websites which add value to the internet user.

To find out more on how our SEO services in London can help your business please telephone 0208 629 1170​

The Key To Computer system Security – McAfee Anti Virus Software Discount

In the computer world today it is important to remember that at every 2nd your computer system is at threat of being infected with an ugly virus. There are many ways your computer might become contaminated from e-mail viruses to Trojans. These infections can trigger damage to your hard disk, connect themselves to your programs, or can even spread to other individuals computers from your email. It is essential to safeguard your computer from these invasions by using a good anti-virus software application.

To protect your PC, Mac, Laptop and mobile device get McAfee Antivirus at a 50% discount at

There are many different kinds of infections that can invade your computer system some of which include viruses, worms, e-mail viruses, and Trojans. A virus can be transferred from computer system to computer by attaching itself to another program. When the program is running the virus has the ability to infect other programs or documents. Worms are a computer program that copies itself from computer to computer system through the use of computer networks. They are frequently made use of to get into security holes in software application. The latest computer intruders are e-mail viruses. An e-mail virus moves around in your e-mail messages and duplicates as it immediately sends itself to people in your address book, which in turn contaminates their computer systems in the same method. A Trojan horse attacks your computer by claiming to be a program it’s not. When you open the program, the Trojan ruined your computer system that can trigger permanent damage.

In order to secure yourself from such invasion it is extremely important to make sure your computer system is safe. Something you can do is to run a more protected operating system like UNIX that can secure your computer from standard viruses. Another alternative is to buy virus security software application if you are using an unsecured computer system. Avoiding programs from unidentified sources, disabling floppy disk booting, and seeing to it that Macro virus security is enabled, are likewise things that can further safeguard you from invasion.

The very best option for protecting your computer though, is to invest in an anti-virus program. There are many anti-virus programs like Norton anti-viruses, McAfee, and PcCillin, and some are even complimentary like Avast and AVG. Anti virus programs work by keeping patterns of virus contaminated files and compares them to the files saved on your computer. If it discovers any viruses you are immediately cued to erase the contaminated file. Make certain to up-date your anti virus software application consistently, which can be done through the Internet and most up-dates are complimentary of expense.

To protect your PC, Mac, Laptop and mobile device get McAfee Antivirus at a 50% discount at


SEO London Ranking

SEO London – Ranking With Images

Although our company name is “SEO Company Bristol” we offer all the services you would expect from an internet marketing company and for businesses throughout the UK, not just Bristol.

We work with companies in London for example. Buy how can you get your website found in geographical locations outside of your normal working area?

One way to get your website found in different locations is to use images. Images are hugely important to Google, in fact they even have an image search directory. Getting your images found for your search terms in a geographical location is the first step in getting Google to understand you want to attract people from that location.

SEO For Images

For the purposes of demonstration we will use terms related to SEO services in London.

The first step is to create, find or buy images that relate to your keyword or search term you are trying to rank or get traffic for. You will see below that we have numerous images of “London” and “SEO”.

The second step is to give the image file a name that indicates to Google what the image is and the geographical location. So rather than the image being called “12345678.jpeg” rename the file to something relevant. In our example it would be “SEO London”. You should use as many variations as you can of your search term and location for each image i.e. London SEO, SEO in London,SEO Company London,London SEO Company, SEO services London,London SEO services etc.

The alt tag of an image is the short description assigned to a picture. The alt tag is used by software for the partially sighted to describe an image for them. Add the same content to the alt tags as you named the file.

Next, we want to add a description of the image in the description box. This box is not used by humans, but is read by Google. In this box we want to add as much relevant information as possible regarding our search term and location. Good practice is to also add a link to the webpage as well, creating a highly prized, relevant link, back to your content. Adding your full address to the description gives Google even more information on the location you are providing information for.

Adding this information is also beneficial if someone “borrows” your image for their website – as it will contain your information rather than theirs.

An example description for one of our images would be:

SEO Company London
SEO Company London
Suite 34 New House
67-68 Hatton Garden
United Kingdom
0208 629 1170​


SEO London – Example Images

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SEO For Start Ups

SEO Services For Start Up Businesses

Develop A Better Website With These SEO Tips

A clear understanding of search engine optimisation or SEO is a basic step in remaining competitive in the digital market. In reality, no matter just how much time effort and incredible content you use to your businesses site, if your website does not dependably turn up in a search you’re essentially invisible. Here are a few suggestions and a little bit of sound recommendations to assist you maximise you companies possible with SEO.

For more information on how we help start up businesses with SEO visit or telephone 0117 325 1099.


Research the demographics of your intended audience, and learn where they search. If your designated readers tend to utilise one search engine over another, it may be very well to concentrate on getting the attention of that online search engine over others. Not just to you have to think about the search engines themselves, it is also significantly useful if you are optimising for the people looking for details in your niche.

Grab any information your rivals give you and utilise it to your benefit. Often, contending websites will provide you specific details about their targeted keywords. There are 2 common methods to find this details. One is to search in the META tag of the site’s homepage. Furthermore, on some pages with articles, some or all of the keywords will remain in bold.

Do not forget to utilise meta tags. One of the most significant errors made by website owners is not filling out these little detailed tags. This is among the ways the online search engine discovers you, and therefore permitting readers to find you. While these tags may not be at the top of your list, they definitely play a huge part in bring in readers.
seo for start ups

Omit any pages you have on your website that don’t have anything to do with your Search Engine Optimisation targets from spiders. Block them using.htaccess so that they will not index content that dilute the results you’re attaining on the keywords you’re already targeting. There are numerous articles online to stroll you through the process.

When marketing a product online, ensure your website is as useable and easily accessible as possible. If your site has issues with the code or can’t be seen by specific browsers, you will lose visitors and for that reason sales. Very few people will go to the trouble of switching browsers just to use your site.

You must comprehend that totally free keyword-finding devices are just as reliable as the tools that cost cash. This is how you will wind up saving in the long run, by getting the things totally free that a lot of eager start-ups are paying big money for. A complimentary keyword tool is just as advantageous to you because you should be looking for obscure and lesser-used words and phrases in the first place.

Failing to identify the importance of search engine optimisation is among the most significant mistakes businesses make with their online presence. It is likewise one of the most convenient to fix. If you follow all the advice expounded on in this short article you will be sure to position your business to be much more competitive online.

To learn more on online search engine optimisation for launching new businesses kindly call 0117 325 1099.

Kitchen SEO Experts

Kitchen SEO Experts – Get More Leads

If you are a kitchen company or install fitted kitchens you need a constant stream of new leads in to your business. SEO Company Bristol are experts in lead generation for kitchen companies. We have a number of kitchen design and installation companies , throughout the UK, that we generate £100,000’s of sales a month for – and we may be able to do the same for you.

If you are  kitchen company in the UK you already know the difficulties in getting new customers. You have huge competition from local kitchen companies as well as the national kitchen businesses such as ‘Wren’, ‘Magnet’, ‘Howdens’ and ‘B&Q’. Competing on the internet with such large organisations may appear daunting or even impossible. Let me tell you that it isn’t – and we can prove it. We have successfully ranked local kitchen companies above the “big boys”, and local competitors, time and time again.

SEO Company Bristol started out as a small company dedicated to getting local Bristol businesses found on the internet in search engines like Google. With each success came a referral from another business. Soon we had multiple companies we were ranking their websites on Google – all over the UK. So much so that we have changed the ‘strap line’ for our business to “SEO Company Bristol – not just SEO and not just Bristol”

Kitchen Company SEO

One of our early successes was to take a new website for a Bristol kitchen design and installation company and rank it on page 1 of Google. This lead to other kitchen companies contacting us, and again we have repeated the success of ranking those kitchen companies on the first page of Google.

We have perfected the formula to getting kitchen companies ahead of local competition and the national kitchen companies.

Having a good website, ranking on the first page of Google for searches related to Kitchen design and installation generates leads. The Bristol based kitchen company we are working with generate £200,000 revenue from sales a month.

This is why we like working with kitchen companies – we have success at ranking their businesses with search engine optimisation, we can generate leads for them, and the revenue and profits generated for them means our costs are insignificant compared to the money they are making. We have loyal customers who are happy to pay us. It is a win-win situation.

To get more leads and sales for your kitchen company telephone us on:

0117 325 1099

Kitchen Company SEO Experts

Kitchen Companies SEO – Who We Work With

Unlike some SEO companies, we only work with one company in one geographical location. If we had two kitchen companies paying us to get them on the first page of Google in a local area – which would we prioritise?

In working with one kitchen business, in one local area, we can put all our resources in to getting them more leads.

Our ‘formula’ for success is also founded on websites that are built on WordPress. So we only take on customers who have a WordPress website and are based in a location that we are not currently working with a competing kitchen company.

Lastly, we only take on kitchen companies that we believe we can generate a successful level of leads for.

We are available to work on the SEO for kitchen companies based in:

Last Update:

Wednesday, March 1st 2017

  • Bath

  • Birmingham

  • Bradford

  • Brighton & Hove

  • Carlisle

  • Cambridge

  • Canterbury

  • Chester

  • Chichester

  • Coventry

  • Derby

  • Durham

  • Ely

  • Exeter

  • Gloucester

  • Hereford

  • Kingston-upon-Hull

  • Lancaster

  • Leeds

  • Leicester

  • Lichfield

  • Lincoln

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester

  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  • Norwich

  • Nottingham

  • Oxford

  • Peterborough

  • Plymouth

  • Portsmouth

  • Preston

  • Ripon

  • Salisbury

  • Sheffield

  • Southampton

  • St Albans

  • Sunderland

  • Truro

  • Wakefield

  • Wells

  • Winchester

  • Wolverhampton

  • Worcester

  • York

Kitchen Company SEO – Our Approach

The main search terms that potential customers are entering in to Google, and the keywords we will, over time, rank you for are:

Keywords UK Searches Per Month
kitchens 74,000
kitchen units 18,100
diy kitchens 18,100
howdens kitchen 18,100
kitchen ideas 18,100
kitchen cabinets 14,800
fitted kitchens 12,100
cheap kitchens 9,900
kitchen planner 8,100
kitchen designs 8,100
kitchen design ideas 5,400
small kitchen ideas 4,400
cheap kitchen units 4,400
new kitchen 4,400
bespoke kitchens 3,600
country kitchen 3,600
modern kitchen 2,900
fitted bathrooms 2,900
modern kitchens 2,900
designer kitchens 2,900
fitted kitchen 2,400
contemporary kitchens 1,900
luxury kitchens 1,600
premier kitchens 1,600


In terms of geographical locations – we will rank you for the areas, towns and villages that are the more affluent areas in your location – targeting your ideal customers.

It is this approach that works and generates revenue for our customers.

To get more leads and sales for your kitchen company telephone us on:

0117 325 1099

Kitchen SEO – Results

“Can you help?” – that was the question put to us 10 days ago by a Kitchen company in Kent.

They had spent “good money” on a new website for their kitchen design and installation services – but it was not being found anywhere on the internet.

After reviewing their website we told them “Yes, we can” – and started our SEO services for them..

The number one search term or “keyword” for Kitchen companies is “fitted kitchens” – within 10 days we have got their website from “not being found anywhere” to TOP 6 in google search.

When I say top 6, I do not mean they are listed in the top 6 listings – they are the top 6 listings – ALL of them!

kitchen seo results

Kitchen Company SEO – Costs?

The cost of our services depends on a number of factors. How much alteration is required on your website, your local competition, how quickly we will get you ranking on the first page of Google etc.

Our SEO service for kitchen companies is considered, by our existing companies, as insignificant compared to the results they are achieving.

Typically, one kitchen sale will pay our fees for a whole year.

For more information and to see if we can get your company results please telephone 0117 325 1099



We are often asked “why is my website not being found, is it the SEO or the content”. Without doubt, both content and search engine optimisation are important when we look at ranking a website and converting a visitor into a customer, as both of these in conjunction makes for a successful amalgamation as visitors and search engines like Google, view these elements and will base there consideration of your website on how these elements are created, marketed and advertised. The main reason you would employ these tactics for your business would be to draw visitors to your website, and convert them into customers with your content and a valid call to action. This article compares SEO versus Content and explains the relationship.

When we consider comparing SEO against content within your site, we need to look at the fundamentals of the two elements and what they actually consist of, as even a brief understanding of what the two elements do will convey the dynamic between the them, which is useful to understand when trying to compare them both.

Get your website found with SEO

However great the content on your website, it is unlikely to be found by people searching on Google unless SEO techniques have been applied to it.

When we look at SEO, we should divide it into certain elements that make up a successful SEO campaign, as these elements are vital to the overall effectiveness and success of the optimisation. Say we have an article that we are asked to SEO; we look for the ideal article, which would be around 800-1000 words as this is the optimum amount for content. We would also be looking to input your targeted “main keyword” that would make up around 1% of the content. Once established, this would rise to around 2% for the same size article. The article will also have many variations of your main keyword and related keywords. This is a very important format when we look at SEO and content, and how they are used in conjunction with each other, as it’s easy to create content that has no SEO usability, which won’t rank at all. Whereas if you try and integrate SEO into content when it’s being created, the finished content is going to have much more chance of being ranked and favoured by Google for many variations of your keyword.

We have to remember (still using Google as an example) that there aren’t any humans on a day-to-day basis looking for good sites to rank. What’s in place of an actual person are algorithms based on a rough idea on what good content should contain. It is therefore possible to achieve a certain formula to replicate these results that will comply with Google’s “good content” criteria. This is why we find it very important to stick to the SEO content format when we look at articles in particular, as this is the most effective format we have found that works well. Being able to use analytics to compare previous trends also helps, as we are able to see which new SEO techniques are most effective, as it’s clear if there is a break away trend that really takes off that we can adopt and develop these techniques for customer’s websites.

Once the content is published “offsite SEO”, activities that promote the content across the internet, are used to increase the popularity of the content. The more “popular” the content is seen by Google , the more likely it is the article or web page will rank well.

When we consider this aspect, it denotes a rough idea on what your content has to contain in order for it to rank and deemed effective in regards to SEO. When we look at what content brings to the picture, we need to look at the amount of promotion you are creating for the article, and an effective call to action, all whilst keeping in the constraints of 800-1000 words. Dissecting the article again in regards to content, we look at promotion within the article as content related to your brand.

So for a new website that needs to obtain ranking and “popularity”, the “offsite SEO” would consist of up to 5% promotion based on your keywords, 35% around your company name and brand, 35% aimed at your domain name and 25% around the natural phrases that people would use to link to your website such as “click here”. This is very much an establishing promotion formula, and as stated, is used on new sites that need to obtain popularity, from both human visitors and Google.

If you would like a review of your website in regard to SEO please contact us and request a “website audit report”. Call today on 0117 325 1099

Get your website found with Content

We have concluded that content on a website will not be found in search engines without SEO techniques being applied. However, a website will not be found in search engines unless it has great content.

Great content has three functions. Firstly, good content that addresses a problem for a potential customer and provides a solution, is likely to engage the website visitor and encourage them to continue reading. Secondly, once you have captured the attention of the reader you can provide a solution to their problem and start to convert then to a paying customer. Lastly, great content gives Google multiple opportunities to understand the message your website, or webpage, or blog post is trying to convey. Once Google understands the message, and if it deems it quality information, it will rank the content for searches based on the message.

The format of your content should be:

  1. Introduction to the issue / problem.
  2. Why this is usually an issue and the effects this issue can have for the reader.
  3. Name and explain a number of solutions for the customer and how they will resolve the issue.
  4. Why you are the company to provide these solutions.
  5. A call to action.

This can be as simple or as complicated as the subject matter allows. An example for a “leaking tap” could be:

  1. Leaking taps are an annoyance and yet easy to fix.
  2. A leaking tap can keep you awake at night with it’s continual dripping and, if you are on a water meter, cost you money.
  3. You could fix it yourself, by changing the washer (a brief explanation on how to do this and problems people may encounter}. Alternatively call an expert, such as a Plumber who can make the simple fix quickly and cheaply.
  4. At XXXX Plumbing we fix 100’s of leaking taps a year. It is a 15 minute task for us. We will fix the leaking tap for a fixed fee of £40
  5. Call us today and we will have that dripping tap fixed by bedtime.

Potential customers could find the website through searches for “how to fix a leaking tap”, and read through to the simple solution and possibly convert to a paying customer.

Fresh, engaging content should be added to your website on a monthly basis. If you have a competitor that adds “poor” content to their website monthly, over time your good content will help out rank them. If you have a competitor that adds good content monthly, then you need to add content twice a month. Be better than your competitors with the quality of your content and the frequency of the content.

If you would like a review of your website in regard to Content please contact us and request a “website audit report”. Call today on 0117 325 1099

Converting visitors to customers

Call To Action (CTA) is also a very important aspect we need to consider when building content, as it is the main driver for actual conversion of a visitor into a customer. It is also the most overlooked and most infrequently added portion of content to a website. Only this week, a business who requested we review their website said, when asked why they do  not have a call to action on a page, “people can find our telephone number on our contact us page”. A good CTA is not only easy to find, but is an obvious “next step” when the visitor finishes reading the content.

Something as simple as a link to your website at the end of the article can be classed as a CTA, whereas we would create a much more in-depth CTA, like introducing full contact information giving the visitor multiple avenues they can contact, rather than just a link to a website. Not all CTA’s are used to “sell”, as it all depends on the client’s needs and the whole agenda behind the marketing and optimisation. Another CTA may be a charities website trying to obtain a multitude of things, ranging from more donations, volunteering, job applications or even event sign-ups as these are all tangible items that the charity can use to it’s advantage, all be it not to strictly profit from, just to raise funds for said charity in this particular example.
Another example of a non-sale CTA would be the type to obtain information, as having direct access to someone’s contact information e.g. email address or social media page, gives you the ability to directly advertise to someone through a platform less saturated. This may be less true with contemporary media platforms since the scope for advertisement has been capitalised on. This is another side to CTA, as its still obtaining an asset that is beneficial to the company/organisation, which isn’t a sale. Some assets can only be obtained through CTA, which is why it’s important to have direct and straightforward CTA when integrating it into an article

Website SEO versus Content

SEO Vs Content Summary

We really shouldn’t be looking at comparing SEO and content as one being more important than the other, as they both have to work in conjunction in order to both attract visitors and convert them into a customer. Both are very important elements within creating a successful page that will host an effective call to action. Neither really works without each other as you could have the most informative and in-depth content on your site, but without SEO to make it accessible, people aren’t going to be able to access it unless you have a preliminary following already, either from social media or a local following. Without a pre-existing audience, the content isn’t going to be obtainable as it isn’t going to rank and that leaves the content stuck in a rut, where search engines aren’t seeing the page(s) you are displaying as a valid source of information. This really is the whole point of SEO, being able to apply certain formats and techniques of displaying your content that is going to create a good image according to Google’s algorithms that dictate what is good content and what isn’t.

Where to get help with SEO and Content

At SEO Company Bristol we offer a number of solutions that can help your website being found on search engines.

Website Audit and Marketing Plan

We can conduct an in-depth analysis of your website. How it compares to accepted SEO practices, the relevancy and quality of the content and what you can do to positively effect both. We create a detailed report that highlights issues or confirms good practice. Where improvements can be made we detail every aspect in an action plan that either your Webmaster or company team member can implement.

Retrospective SEO for your website

We offer a one-off service where we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your website, prepare the detailed report on the actions required, and implement those changes for you. We highly recommend having the website audit created first before committing to the ‘retrospective SEO’ service, as the report may highlight only simple changes that can easily be effected within your company.

Content Creation for your website

We offer a content creation service for websites. We write engaging content, with SEO techniques applied, and add them to your website. The service is bespoke to your company, market sector and competitors activities. We offer content creation solution packages suitable for small businesses through to multi-national companies.

If you would like a review of the content and or SEO on your website then please contact us on 0117 325 1099. We will conduct a full audit of your website and provide you with a “website marketing plan” that you can apply to your website and finally get it found in search engines like Google.

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