How to fix a message from the “White Hat” Hacker

If you have visited your website and found a post has been changed to a message stating “hacked by the White Hat Hacker” or a “Dr SILnt Hill” we can fix the problem.

Who are the white hack hacker and Dr SILent Hill?

We will never know who the White hat hacker is – however, he or she is trying to do you a favour.

Dr SILnt Hill is known. In fact he has a Facebook page and advertises that he has hacked your website to the whole hacking community.

What is a white hat hacker?

According to Techopedia “A white hat hacker is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems and networks to test and assess their security. White hat hackers use their skills to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers (known as black hat hackers) can detect and exploit them. Although the methods used are similar, if not identical, to those employed by malicious hackers, white hat hackers have permission to employ them against the organization that has hired them.”

The hacker is bringing to your attention the fact that your website is vulnerable to malicious hacking. Hacking that could take down your website permanently.

White hat hacker

The solution to the White Hat Hacker:

At SEO Company Bristol we have the expertise and software to block hacking attempts. We can also recover your website from existing hacks from “the white hat hacker” and “Dr SILnt Hill” and all known Hackers.

We add the highest state of the art anti-hacking software to your WordPress website. We also add monitoring software to alert us to any attempts to gain entry to your website. Our team work 24 hours around the clock to ensure someone is on duty to fight off any malicious attempts to gain access, hack or take down your website.

How much does this service cost?

Compared to losing your complete business website or the cost of the ransom a hacker may change to give you back access to your website our services are low cost.  There is a small charge for removing the hack, and a small ongoing monthly fee for our 24-hour monitoring and protection service. Typically, for a normal website, this is £99 set-up and £99 a month.

Don’t lose your business website – get protected today. Call 0117 325 1099

White Hat Hacker & Dr SILnt Hill Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why was my website targetted? It may be little comfort, but the attack was not aimed at you. Hackers have software that is constantly scouring the internet for websites that have left a hole in their security. Yoru website was found by the software, and typically, a post is added to your website.
  2. Why do hackers do this? White Hat Hackers would argue that they are highlighting the security flaws in your website and they are a positive force. However, finding a post on your website, that you may have taken hours to write or that was driving great traffic to your website, has been hacked NEVER feels like a positive.
  3. Can I get my website back under my control following a hack? Yes, the hacker has identified a hole in the website security. Our service identifies that hole and close it.
  4. Can I get my content back? Yes, in most cases we can restore the original content.
  5.  Could I be hacked again? Once we have closed the gap in your website security the website is unlikely to be hacked again – that is until a new gap is discovered.
  6. How often could my website be hacked? We receive emails from the WordPress security authorities approximately every 12 hours – everyone is a potential gap in your website security that can be exploited by hackers.
  7. How does your service overcome the hackers? We utilise the latest high-tech monitoring software to monitor for potential holes in your website’s security. We also deploy a number of plugins to your website to block the various ways that hackers will get into your website.
  8. Are there any other benefits of your services? Keeping your business website up and running not enough? The software we use also stops spam comments getting posted to your website.
  9. Why is your service so low-cost? We have 100’s of websites that we are responsible for their marketing and rankings. Having one of our SEO customers websites hacked is hugely negative to their rankings, business leads and digital marketing. We have a team in place to monitor and protect against hacking for our clients. The associated costs of the security service against hackers is split amongst a huge number of clients and is therefore relatively low cost.
  10. How fast can you implement your services on my website? We offer a 24-hour service and can have your website protected within the hour.

To find out more about our anti-hacking services, available across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe please telephone +44 117 325 1099.

Wordpress website hacked

What is today’s equivalent of Yellow Pages? SEO Company Bristol Explains

From almost the day it was launched in 1966, until the end of the “Noughties” the Yellow Pages was the tool that most business’s used to get leads for their business. With the decline in size, advertisers, and users many businesses may be looking for the modern day equivalent of the Yellow Pages for generating leads for their business. What is today’s equivalent of Yellow Pages?

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How to Make Money From a Website in 3 Simple Steps

Is your business website a “profit generating machine”? Is your business website the best lead generator for your business? If you feel that you should be getting more from your website this article explains the 3 simple steps to get your website generating revenue and profit for your business.

3 Simple Steps To Make Money From a Website

  1. Be Found – Your website must be found for the search terms or keywords that potential customers would use
  2. Be Chosen – The website should have attractive text and calls to action in the description in the search engines
  3. Convert – Convert the website visitor to a paying customer


Be Found – How To Get Your Website in Front of the Right People

How To Make Money From A WebsiteMany businesses, website builders and (some) SEO experts don’t fully understand how to get the website to be found for the correct search terms / keywords.

Some businesses may not be going after the correct keywords at all.

Most create and set-up the website to rank for BIG keywords (often referred to as “Vanity Keywords”), rather than keywords specifically related to the services or products that are categorised as BUYERS keywords.

The Best Keywords for Your Website

Often a business owner or member of staff are too involved in the business or industry to fully appreciate that people looking for their product or services may use different terminology. Some may let pride get in the way of getting potential customers to their website!

Best Keywords for Your Website – Example 1

Someone has passed away and you have to make the final arrangements. What would you enter into search engines, like Google, to find the local company? A straw poll of people gave the following as the most popular answers “Funeral Director”and Funeral Directors”. Actually, the keyword that gets the most traffic in that industry is”Undertakers” – getting 6 times more traffic than funeral directors. Although this may not be the term you use – 6 times more people do use that term and it should be incorporated into your website. Should you forget about “funeral directors” as a keyword? Absolutely not! Use both and get the traffic from both terms.

Best Keywords for Your Website – Example 2

You are moving house and want a company to move your furniture. What would you search for? “removal company” or “removal companies”. Real-life example – I did this exercise with a removal company. At the time the number of searches in the UK per month were:

  • Removal Company 6,600 searches a month
  • Removal Companies 14,800 searches a month

Over twice as many people search for “removal companies” than the singular ” removal company”. Their website didn’t rank anywhere for the more popular term and they were losing potential customers.

The most used search term related to the industry was “Man With a Van” (18,100 searches a month) – “Ah” said the business owner “we are not a man in a van, we are a professional removing company”. I asked, “do you not do smaller removals?”. He said they did. “How do you do them?”, I asked – “we send a couple of blokes in a van”. Pride and semantics getting in the way of traffic and leads to the website.

Difference Between Vanity Keywords and Buyers Keywords

If you are a Solicitor based in Bristol who specialises in managing claims after an accident you may be tempted to rank for big keywords such as “Solicitors Bristol” or “Personal Injury Bristol”. Although these keywords would bring traffic to the website, it will not be targetted traffic. It may be people researching, people doing a price comparison, it could be people looking for a divorce solicitor or a physiotherapist who specialises in post-accident rehabilitation.  These are the keywords though that you, your staff and competitors will be saying “Wow, look at that they are number 1 for solicitors Bristol”. These are also the keywords that most of your competition will be targeting = vanity keywords.

A simple search using free tools can highlight more specific keywords that someone who is looking for a solution, service or product will use = buyers keywords.

In the example of this Solicitor it could be (and I found 100’s of examples) “medical negligence claims”, “industrial deafness claim”, “mesothelioma lawyers” and “vibration white finger compensation” – the total estimated traffic to the website for the hundreds of related keywords was 8 times more than to the vanity keywords.

Would you rather be number 1 on Google for 100’s of laser targetted keywords or 1 vanity keyword?

Free Keyword Research Tools

There are a number of free tools on the market to research the actual terms people are using to find products and services for your industry. The best free tool for researching potential keywords is the Google Keyword Tool. If trying to rank in Google then it makes sense to use their data.

The keyword tool is part of their ‘Google Adwords” platform. Search “Google Keyword Tool” and you will find the actual tool in the menu labelled “Keyword Planner”

google keyword planner

The next step is to add the keywords that you think may be used by people to find your products or services. Make sure you use the singular i.e Keyword and the plural i.e. Keywords. Also, try adding a few words before the term i.e. best, cheap, fast, 24 hour etc.

Next, add the location. We want to get a broad understanding of the search terms used, so use “United Kingdom” rather than your hometown giving us as much data as possible.

Lastly, add in negative keywords that you do not want data on. A good example is the word “jobs”. Unless you are in recruitment, you want to find the keywords potential customers are using, not job seekers.

Hit “Get Ideas”

best way to use google keyword planner

The results will show the number of searches in the United Kingdom, per month, for each keyword. Regardless if they are the terms you would use – they are terms being entered into Google and you should incorporate them into your website.

Free Alternative To Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool

In September 2016 Google changed the way the results were displayed in the keyword tool. The changes were made to the keyword planner to stop “bots” using the tool for automated searches. If you have an account on Google Adwords that is paying for AdWords you still get the detailed information. If not you get very broad data, which is irrelevant.

google keyword planner changes


There are a number of free alternatives to the Google keyword planner that still give accurate data, by keyword. Of all the software we have tried, this one is by far the best free alternative to the Google Keyword Tool.  CLICK HERE FOR FREE KEYWORD PLANNER

Simply add the main keyword you would like to use and it finds all the relevant keywords for you. It also shows the difficulty rating of ranking for that keyword.

best free alternative to google-keyword-planner

Be Chosen – How To Get Your Website in Chosen in the Search Results

Where to Add Keywords to Your Website For SEO

By now you have a number of keywords that you want to incorporate into your website. Getting your website chosen is a simple task of adding those keywords to the important places that Google will look for them.

get your website chosen

1. Your Website or Page URL

Long gone are the days where if you wanted to be found as a “plumber in bristol” your URL or website address needed to be – however, your URL should reflect the content of the page and the search term you want to rank for. Google accepts that companies want to build a brand and put their website on a domain that reflects the business, not the keywords. Even though your website will be a brand or company name the web page address should reflect the search term you want to be found for i.e.

2. Your Website or Page Title

When you are on the internet have you ever noticed the grey tab at the top of the page? This is usually where you find a little image that reflects the company branding. It is also where the “page title” for that page is listed. This is also the “Headline” in the search results.

website page title in tab

Best practice is to again use the search terms that you want your page to be found for, and also to add your company name and if it fits in the 55 character limit, your telephone number. Make it obvious you are a local company and make it easy to contact you.

page title in the search results

3.  Your Website Headline

The headline of the page, often referred to as the “H1” (the code used to assign it in web building) is the most important message on the page to tell Google what your website or web page is about. I would be a rich man if I had just £1 for every website I have seen where the page headline is “Welcome to the website”. Really?! You are a plumber or solicitor and the most important keyword you want your website registered with is “welcome”?

Good practice is to make the headline either a question or an informative guide type question.

Question – consider the person searching on the internet for an “emergency plumber” and you land on a page that has a headline “Are you looking for an emergency plumber in Bristol?” – the headline states exactly what you have been doing. It also lets Google know the subject and location that are important in regard to this page.

4. Your Websites First Paragraph

The first paragraph should also contain the most important search term or a variation of it. For example, it could be “emergency plumber in Bristol” becomes “emergency plumbing services in the Bristol area”. If your headline was a question, then again, the good practice is to answer the question. “If you are looking for an emergency plumbing service in the Bristol area then….”

5. Your Website Images

An image or photograph in a web page can break up the text, demonstrate examples or products. When adding the image to your website you will be prompted to add an “alt tag” or “image description”. This can be used to again add the main search term or a variation of the keyword to the code of the web page.

6. Your Website Copy or Content

Google used to recommend a minimum of 300 words on a page. Some SEO tools still measure the SEO score based on this number. Google now recommends over 500 words as an indication that the web page has relevant content. To be ahead of the game, and your competition, we recommend at least 800 words on a page.

There is always a balance to be considered. Enough content to rank well versus a too wordy web page that may put off potential customers. Again, this is a matter of preference. Some people may want to read every last detail of the service or product. Others may just want to know the basic facts to make a decision.

A good practice can be to put the most relevant and basic facts at the top of the page, followed by a “call to action” or contact details. Add an image to break up the page and then add further content for the detailed orientated person – and Google.

7. Your Website Video

If a picture paints a thousand words then a video is millions and millions worth. Google knows this and sees a web page with a video as better content than one without and ranks it accordingly.

8. Your Website Search Results Description

Your website title (number 2 in this list) is the headline in the search results. The “page description” or “meta description” is two line of text, 156 characters, that summarises what the potential website visitor can expect from the web page. It should contain the search term and a reason to choose your web page from all of those listed. E.g. ” Looking for an emergency plumber in Bristol? Branded Plumbers offer fast and affordable call outs 24 hours a day”

Convert – How To Get Your Website Visitors To Become Paying Customers

By now you have a website set ready to rank really well in the search engines for “buying keywords”. Your content is relevant and has some conversion tools, such as a video. We now turn our attention to the best practice for converting website traffic and visitors into paying customers. Essentially this means making you the obvious choice for the potential customer and making it easy for them to contact you.

convert website traffic to paying-customers1. Website images

We stated in the last section about coding the images for SEO. The image itself should also reflect the subject matter of the page. Show the service or product in action. This allows the website, visitor to see, in less than a second, that the page is relevant to them.

2. Website buttons

Make it easy for the potential customer to make contact with you. Contact forms are great, but they are not a natural progression for the website visitor. Add an eye-catching button to the web page offering a fast paced solution i.e. “Request a quote right now” or “Call us now and we will be on our way”

3. Describe the problem

Include in your copy a description of the problem your potential customer could be experiencing. This builds empathy and highlights that you are an expert on the subject. The emergency plumber example could be “Has the heating stopped working and the house is unbearably cold? Perhaps you have been woken in the night by the sound of leaking water…”

4. Offer the solution

Whatever the problem offer a simple and straightforward solution that invites the person to make contact. “Whatever your out-of-hours plumbing emergency, Branded Plumbers can help. We have local Plumbers a few minutes from you. We offer a professional service and our call-out charge is only £50 and this includes the first hour of labour. Fast, friendly and affordable”

5. Local phone number

In most industries and businesses, the customers would prefer to use a local company. There are the exception that likes to use “national companies” in the belief they get a better service or have a better right of recourse in the event of any issues. Local phone numbers are an excellent way of showing yourself as a local company (even if you are not). Display them in the top-right of your web page (this is where people expect to find them)

6. Call To Actions

Whenever you offer a problem or solution on a web page this is where the visitor may decide to contact you. This is where you need to add a “call to action” this can be as simple as “call us now on…”

7. Calculators

Calculators are an excellent way of getting traffic to your website and converting a website visitor. Calculators can be used to work out anything. How much concrete do I need – use our concrete calculator. When is the best time to try to get pregnant – use our fertility calculator? What size skip do I need – use our skip calculator. Not only does this supply really useful advice and information, it gives you an opportunity to “pitch” your services. The skip calculator could ask you to enter a few details and then display the best size skips for your needs. It could also add your price. E.g. “to clear an area of 2m x 2m requires a 6-yard skip – our prices for a 6-yard skip are just £34”

8. Video

We discussed above that a video is seen as great content by Google, but humans like them as well. Adding a video to your website has numerous benefits in terms of the time people stay on your website, the interaction with your company and converting a website visitor into a paying customer. The video could be a demonstration of a product, a team member explaining a service or a customer testimonial.

Conversion Through Re-Targeting Website Visitors

Your website is ranking for the “buyer keywords”, your content is relevant and full of the tools required to convert a customer and the customer is going to buy from you – except, not just now. They don’t need your product or service until a few days time. They just want to check a few details before calling you. There are any number of reasons why they don’t call you at the time. Even the best websites only convert a small percentage of visitors at the time of their visit

They don’t need your product or service until a few days time. They just want to check a few details before calling you. There are any number of reasons why they don’t call you at the time. Even the best websites only convert a small percentage of visitors at the time of their visit

Re-targeting website visitors is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting conversions. Tailored adverts based on the services or products they viewed on your website are displayed to the website visitor over the next few days on major websites such as Facebook, news sites, google partner websites and many more. Reminding them of your products or services and drawing them back to your website to purchase. This works especially well at conversion if the adverts have a small discount offered in them.

google remarketing bristol

Conversion Through Reviews

Common practice is to read reviews before making a purchasing decision. Reviews are the new global ‘word of mouth’. Think about the last time you bought something online – you read the reviews, didn’t you? Getting reviews is easy to achieve for a business if they sell products on Amazon or Ebay or if they are a business that could be included on TripAdvisor. For most businesses the process of gaining reviews is hard work. However, if you can get a number of good reviews for your business the payback in sales is worth the effort. There are companies (like ours) that offer simple solutions to easily get customers to leave reviews for your business and, more importantly, add them to your website and other prominent locations when people are researching your products or services.

how to get customer reviews

Is your business website an active tool to bring custom and revenue in to your business? Is it the best sales tool your company has? Or was it something that was built because you thought you needed a website and infrequently thought about?

Never has there been a better time for online or “bricks and mortar” businesses to get more customers from the internet. Mobile phone and mobile device searches are higher than ever and search engines, like Google, are keen to promote local businesses in their search results. However, running a business in your field of expertise does not necessarily lend itself to being an expert in online marketing.

Your company website should be the best way for potential customers to find your services or products, choose you as the supplier and convert potential customers in to paying customers. Your website should be the best Salesperson in your organisation. Your website should be a “profit generating machine” for your organisation.

How to Make Your Website in to a Profit Generating Machine

There are 3 steps to ensuring your website generates revenue and profit.

Profit generating machine website

Be Found

The structure and layout of your website should be such that search engines, like Google, can easily understand what products or services you are offering and in which geographical locations.  This involves adding “behind the scenes” data that Google can read to fully understand the messages your website is trying to convey and which geographical locations you would like custom from. This information should be unique and relevant on EVERY page and image on your website.

Keeping your content “fresh” by adding news articles or blog posts will also benefit your website being found in the search results. If you care about your website and keep it relevant and interesting, Google will care more about your website. This activity is the start of “Search Engine Optimisation” or SEO.

To get your website found instantly you can invest budget in to Google Adwords. This is a “pay per click” service or PPC, where you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your advert and visits your website. The budget needed to be successful at PPC varies from industry to industry, but be warned unless you REALLY know what you are doing or using a professional PPC management service, simple mistakes can be costly.

SEO Company Bristol’s PPC management service generally out performs “self-managed” campaigns by 30%.

Meaning for the same budget, you can get 30% more leads in to your business.

Be Chosen

If your company is found in the search results or the paid adverts it should be structured in a way that will convert the customer. Each page of the website and each PPC advert should have text which directly relates to the search made.

If a search is made for “red shoes size 7 in Bristol” the page or product on your website should be structured to be found in the search engine results AND give reasons for the person to select your website.

For example, if a page on a Solicitors website is aimed at “Employment Law” and they would like customers from the Bristol area, the meta data (the two lines of text on the Google search results page) should say something like “Looking for employment law Solicitors in Bristol? Smith Solicitors offer a free initial consultation. Call today on 0117 123 456”. Keyword and location specific, with an enticing reason to call. This approach will bring potential customers, ready to buy, to your website.


Once the potential customer has found your website for the relevant search, believe it or not, the hard work is done.

Converting the customer is as simple as adding wording or a video to the page that empathises with the problems they may be experiencing, offer the simple solution to solve the problem and why they should choose you to provide that solution.

An example for a plumber could be – do you have radiators that have cold spots, or rooms that never quite get warm enough? Having to wear a jumper in the house? Worried that your central heating is not functioning at its full potential or it not running economically? You likely have radiators that need ‘bleeding’ or your central heating system needs a ‘power flush’. This is a simple task that can be done in an hour or so. Smith Plumbing can provide this service at an affordable rate. We do not charge a call out fee and offer a same day service.

The page confirms the issues the customer is experiencing or feeling, offers a simple solution that build trust and authority that you understand the issues, and provides genuine reasons why you are the company to call to resolve the issues.

Where the conversion rate of a website skyrockets is when ‘re-targeting’ is used.

Regardless if the visitors to your website found what they were looking for on the first page they landed or they viewed multiple pages – on average only 2% of website visitors will interact with your business in making contact or visiting a store. 98% will leave your website and you have likely lost them as a potential customer.

Re-targeting is the process of advertising to the 98% that visited your website and didn’t buy.

These are adverts on Google and Facebook that follow visitors to your website, around the internet as a constant reminder of your services or products. Highly cost effective and lucrative. If they have already bought from you – it re-enforces your authority. If they have not yet bought from you, it reminds them you are there when they are ready to buy. Have you ever been on the internet and thought “Wow, this company are advertising everywhere!” – they are not advertising everywhere, they are advertising to you wherever you go – they are re-targeting you. This is a tactic used by most large retailers in the UK including Marks & Spencer and John Lewis – it is equally effective for local businesses.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency to Work With?

To ensure your website is a profit generating machine you need to work with the correct digital marketing agency.

They should offer SEO, PPC, re-targeting, video creation and social media management to ensure a consistent message across all solutions and to tie all of your online presence together.

They should only work with one company, in one industry, in one location – otherwise they are competing with themselves and you can only get one company to the top of Google!

SEO Company Bristol offer all of these services. We have a very high success rate in driving more leads to businesses and ensuring the company website is a “profit generating machine”.

The Top 50 Most Searched Business Types on Car Sat Navs and How To Get Your Company Listed

Search engine optimisation for companies and their websites is much more than just tweaking the website and hoping for the best. Today, SEO and digital marketing needs to get a business found in EVERY place a potential customer may look when needing services or products. Our latest service includes listing businesses on in-car navigation or “sat navs” to ensure that customers can find your location(s), potential customers can find your products or services when local to you – and build your brand awareness by having your business on their sat nav whenever someone is near your location.

Find Out More

Get Your Business Listed

Get your business listed on the “Sat Navs” of all major vehicle manufacturers as well as Tom Tom and Garmin systems.

Top 50 Classifications Searched For On Sat Navs

If you are an ‘Airport’ or hospital the chances are that your premises are listed on the in-car maps already. Providers of data, such as ourselves, to the map builders pass on this information regularly to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the mapping data, so it is fit for purpose.

If you have a cash point at your premises it may or may not be listed, however using a paid service like ours to get your premises listed would not deliver a good return on investment.

The opportunity lies in the other searches people make using their in-car navigation system or after market ‘sat nav’, such as a Tom Tom.

If you are a restaurant, hotel or car dealer – these are searches that people are making as they are actively seeking your products or services. That search will likely result in a sale. Having your business listed on ALL the major car manufacturers navigation systems means your business has a chance of getting that business and a good ‘return on investment’ against our low cost fees.

If you are a car maintenance garage, DIY store or electrical appliance retailer it is likely that the search is for a “distressed purchase” where cost of the solution, product or service is a minor factor compared to the convenience of your location – being listed will very likely result in a paying customer. Giving an exceptional ‘return on investment’ for our services.

Find Out More

Get Your Business Listed

Get your business listed on the “Sat Navs” of all major vehicle manufacturers as well as Tom Tom and Garmin systems.

Re-targeting Website Visitors To Increase Conversions

As a business owner you spend a lot of time promoting your business and your website. You may spend money on advertising with Google, search engine optimisation and social media marketing – to get potential customers to your website. If you have made that investment in time and money – make the most of it and re-target your website visitors to massively increase the conversions of website visitors to paying customers.

Types of Website Visitors

If you spend any time analysing the Google Analytics for your website you will know that it holds a lot of information regarding the interaction of website visitors with your website. It has the number of visitors, how many sessions (or how many times the number of visitors visited your website), how many pages they viewed, how long they stayed on your website and much more. However, you can categorise your visitors in to two groups:

Types of Website Visitors – Bouncers

“Bouncers” are people that visit your website and either leave straight away or stay on that one page and do not visit any other pages on your website. In essence they visited your website and “bounced” off. Google measures this and provides a percentage in your analytics as a “bounce rate”. This highlights to Google how relevant your website was to the search entered in to the search bar. The lower the bounce rate the better and if your bounce rate is above 40%, then your website is not attracting visitors for the correct search terms.

Depending on your business and how your website is structured can impact your bounce rate. If you are a taxi company and people land on your websites home page, there isn’t really much research to consider before making a decision to call you. Most website visitors will see the telephone number on the home page and make the call. This would count as a ‘bounce’. So a “no research required” business is likely to have a higher bounce rate.

If you are a business where customers are likely to make a considered purchase i.e. car dealer, cosmetic surgeon then you would expect website visitors to view more than one page on your website and hence not “bounce”.

Although almost always a good sign, a very low bounce rate can also be an indication that your website needs attention. If your bounce rate indicates that nearly every visitor visits more than one page – can they easily find the information they were looking for or did they have to hunt around your website for the information?

Types of Website Visitors – Voyuers

Voyeurs are people that tend to read a lot of information on a business or product before making a decision to contact or not contact you. They will often view numerous pages before making their decision. Although they will be positively impacting your bounce rate, they can still be detrimental to how Google views your website. If Google sees that they visited 5 pages of your website and then did not make contact, or even worse, left your website and went to a competitors website – this indicates to Google your website is not as relevant to the search term.

Re-targeting Website Visitors

Regardless if the visitors to your website found what they were looking for on the first page they landed or they viewed multiple pages – on average only 2% of website visitors will interact with your business in making contact or visiting a store. 98% will leave your website and you have likely lost them as a potential customer.

Re-targeting is the process of advertising to the 98% that visited your website and didn’t buy.

Retargeting website visitors Bristol

Why Re-target Website Visitors?

Consider the journey the customer took to get to your website.

  1. They had a need for a product or service
  2. They spent time searching Google for a supplier
  3. They found your website by using search terms relevant to your products or services
  4. They read your information on your website
  5. Then they left your website

Why did they leave? On a positive note they may have made a decision to visit you and buy the product. They may have made the decision to telephone you about your services.

However, they could have decided that your prices were to high, they may not have been ready to buy that product or service at that time or perhaps they didn’t have the confidence to buy from you as they haven’t heard of your company before or haven’t seen your brand around the internet.

You spent good time and money to get them in front of your information and re-targeting them allows you to offer discount (if appropriate), put your product or services in front of them time and time again, catching them when they are ready to buy and also builds confidence in your brand as they start to see your company, services and products advertised wherever they look on the internet.

How to Re-target Website Visitors

Re-target to their Computer

When you are at your laptop you will often get messages appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. These are normally notifications from your computer or installed software needs updating or can be latest offers.

These are notifications that get your attention.

Once a person has visited your website we can re-target them with messages that appear as notifications at the bottom right-hand corner.

This is called “push notifications” and is the latest development in website re-targeting as is hugely powerful in re-marketing to potential customers. The power to re-target them whilst at their computer.

Push Notification Demo


Re-target to Facebook

Facebook retargeting with push notifications

There are a number of methods for promoting your business, products or services on Facebook.

Push Notifications – if you use Facebook either now and again or multiple times a day you will normally check your notifications (the icon in the blue bar at the top). If a notification arrives whilst in Facebook the notification is announced with a “dong” that gets your attention. Once a person has visited your website you can ‘push’ notifications to their Facebook with messages and offers about your business – time and time again.

Video – Facebook videos are the most cost effective way of promoting your brand. Putting a video about your business, products or services in the timeline of someone who has already shown an interest in your offerings.

Adverts – putting adverts in a persons newsfeed is less effective than video as it is a static image and text. It is extremely less effective than push notifications which allow you to message the person directly in an area of Facebook where there is very little competition. However, if your adverts are ‘laser targeted’ to a product the website visitor has shown an interest in, they can be effective.

Facebook Notifications Demo


Re-target with Google

Although highly competitive, and unless managed correctly can be an expensive lead generation tool, Google advertising through Google Adwords, pay per click (PPC) and Google Display is an effective method of attracting customers and re-targeting them.

Google Adwords or PPC – allows you to set the search terms (keywords) you target and the cost per click you are willing to pay.  The position of your advert in the Google search results depends on the quality of your advert(s), the page the advert clicks through to and the amount you have bid on the keyword. Get these correct and you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. This creates a list of potential customers that Google then re-target with your adverts.

Google Display Network – adverts that are predominately image based. These adverts are then placed on relevant websites around the internet and prestigious websites that have huge traffic. To work effectively they should be bold and give the person a reason to leave that website and re-visit yours i.e an offer. They are very effective of reminding previous website visitors of your products or services and increasing visibility of your brand.

Getting traffic to your website can be easy – converting that traffic to paying customers is a skilled and time consuming task. Re-targeting allows you to capatalise on the hard work and increase conversion of website visitors to sales.

If only 2% of your website traffic makes a purchase – what could it do for your business if that was double to 4% or increased to 20%. What if for every website visitor you could sell to them twice and achieve a 200% conversion rate?

For more information on re-targeting the visitors to your website telephone today on 0117 325 1099.

Ranking Local Businesses with the Power of Schema Data

SEO Company Bristol, “not just  SEO, not just Bristol” offer the full digital marketing services you would expect from one of the best Internet marketing companies in the UK. We offer search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Advertising, Pay per click (PPC), video creation and marketing, social media management. We offer a local SEO service for businesses in Bristol, work with companies throughout the UK and internationally. Find out what we can do for your business by calling 0117 325 1099

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SEO Company USA

SEO Company USA

SEO Company USA

The best and fastest growing SEO company in the United Kingdom has now expanded in to the USA. If you are a company or business that has a website you would like to see at the top of search engines, such as Google, then call us now on (toll free) 855-304-1400

SEO Costs USA – Standard Packages

Our SEO costs are designed to give your business a fantastic ‘return on investment’. Being found on search engines is the #1 way to get more business for your company. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Results

    We will only work with a company that we genuinely feel we can make a positive impact on their business in terms of revenue and profit.

  • FREE Consultation

    We offer a FREE consultation to explore the goals you are trying to achieve. We will then show you how we can achieve those goals with you.

  • SEO Company Bristol

    Although we still trade under the name “SEO Company Bristol” we offer the complete ‘digital marketing’ package including video marketing and local marketing. We also work with businesses all over the UK and USA, not just in Bristol.

  • Competitors

    We only work with one business type in each city i.e. if we are working with a Solicitor in Chicago, we would ONLY work with that Solicitor in Chicago. If a Solicitor in Boston approaches us we will work with them.

    If we believe there may be a cross-over in services or location, we will discuss this with our existing customer and gain their permission.

    This stops any conflict of interest and ensures our customers are not competing with each other.

  • In House Not Outsourced SEO

    All of the digital marketing is carried out by our in-house team in Bristol. We do not outsource to other companies or countries. This ensures the work carried out on your behalf is of the highest quality.


$499 / month
  • FREE
  • $400
  • 50
  • Monthly
  • Monthly
  • 50
  • 10
  • 5


$999 / month
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • 150
  • Weekly
  • Weekly
  • 200
  • 30
  • 15

Reach Local Sales Staff – What Now?

If you are a member of the ReachLocal Sales Team, or an experienced sales person in the pay-per-click market place, the announcements this week will have been, to say the least, a shock. You may be wondering where your future lies. There is good news…

Let us re-cap, Reach Local offer a great product and service. For reasons not contributed to the product or sales team, they have had to go in to Administration.  Most of their (your) customers like the results they get from Google Adwords – you have options! You have experience in one of largest markets in digital advertising, you have existing contacts and potential customers that know and like you. You probably have a good reputation in your local area as someone who can get customers more revenue for their business.

Firstly, according to the Administrators, James Cook and Mark Skelton of Duff & Phelps Ltd, Reach Local will trade as usual under the administrator’s supervision whilst a buyer for the business and assets of the company is sought. The company will continue to provide all services during this period. This is part of the statement added to the Reach Local website on 16th December 2015. So as a Sales Person you could continue to work with your customers and the Reach Local platforms.

This week we have been inundated with customers and staff of Reach Local who have concerns about the long term prospects of the business and continuity of services.

Many are looking for a UK PPC agency as an alternative to Reach Local, and we would like to suggest to you that WE are that alternative, and one you could benefit from working with.Reach Local UK PPC Agency Alternative

SEO Company Bristol started out as a 1-man band supplying search engine optimisation services to local businesses in Bristol, UK. Early successes in driving more traffic to customers websites through organic rankings meant we quickly developed a positive reputation as an SEO Agency that can deliver. Enquiries started to come from all across the UK and quickly SEO Company Bristol was working with businesses all over the United Kingdom.

As the ‘digital marketing’ space developed we introduced other factors to our services such as video creation, video distribution, press releases, social media management and, of course, PPC (often referred to as pay-per-click, Google adwords, Google advertising). As it has such a good reputation we have kept the name “SEO Company Bristol” – however, our company strap line is “Not just SEO, Not just Bristol”.

As an experienced PPC sales person, you will be aware of the “management fees” that many of the larger companies in the PPC industry take from a customers budget. We are different – our customers benefit from much more of their advertising budget actually being spent on their advertising. Many of our customers see a significant increase in website visitor and customer enquiries WITH THE SAME BUDGET they were spending with their previous service provider. Customers are happy, stay longer and so the Sales Team are happier. Win – win.

Our systems are VERY similar to the systems you and your customers are used to. Auto bid management, daily, weekly and monthly reports etc. Ensuring that every £ invested by a customer delivers exceptional ROI. As one of the UK’s fastest growing PPC agency, and a “Google Partner” recognised company, we have a dedicated customer service agent within Google. When we get a new customer, Google themselves provide us with data and guidance on how to get the most out of Google Advertising – and often Google themselves build the ‘ad campaigns‘ for our customers.

Google Partner PPC Agency UK Data

As one of the best SEO companies in the UK, we can build highly effective ‘landing pages’ that ensure a high quality score for the customers Google advertising, again ensuring the customer gets the best return on investment possible – but as importantly, converts website visitors in to leads for the business and converts more in to paying customers.

We are offering experienced PPC sales people the opportunity to join our (very rapidly) expanding sales force. You will be the local representative for your area. You will enjoy the benefit of “owning” your territory, as we are only looking to take on 1 person in each area.

For more information call us on 0117 325 1099